Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stampin for a girls night in

Well what a day I've had designing and stamping christmas cards for the Girls Night In. Which will be on the 6th of October.
I have finally finished the projects and I am pretty happy with what I've accomplished today.
 To keep the Profits high on the night I have set a few rules for myself to only use one stamp set. My stamp set of choice for this project was Welcome Christmas a very lovely and traditional set.
 I have struggled with the rules and finaly broke them this afternoon and added a stampin around wheel music notes which combines quite nicely with welcome Christmas. The project looks wonderful and I am hoping that the girls will love them too.
 This will be our 4th fundraiser for the cancer council and we hope the best ever but it's always hard to keep the projects simple enough for the first time stamper and still new and challanging enough for the more practiced stamper, but I think with todays proto types I have found a happy medium.
I shall post a sneak peek of the christmas projects tomorrow.
Till then
Happy stamping

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